Handmade box cards

box card 1 daisy and bees
box card folds flat back panel for message
box card fits envelope
box card 2 japanese girls
box card 3 flowers and butterflies
box card 8 mixed flowers
box card 4 balloons and stars
box card 5 boy
box card 6 old man scene
box card 7 flamingo
box card 9 flowers and birds
box card 10 Mermaids
box card 19 sailing
box card 12 Monsters
box card 13 Milestone birthday example
box card 14 Girls in the Garden
box card 15 Surfs Up
box card 16 Farewell Card
box card 11 owls and stars
box card 18 cupcakes and candles
box card 17 baby boy
box card 20 lady bugs
box card 21 fishing. Can change wording to Happy Birthday
box card 22 Gold. Can change wording
box card 23 motorbike
box card 24 gardener. Can change wording
Box Card 25 Sepia Tones Birds
Box Card 26 Sepia Tones Butterfly
Box Card 27 All White
Box Card 28 Girlfriends and feathers
Box Card 29 Cheers Girlfriend
Box Card 32 Girlfriends cake and candles
Box Card 30 Cutie with sunglasses
Box Card 35 Martini
Box Card 36 Crazy Friends
Box Card 33 Say Cheesecake
Box Card 37 Dad's Workshop
Box Card 31 Balloons cake and candles
Box Card 34 Wedding or Engagement
Christmas 4 Aussie
Christmas 2 Gnomes
Christmas 1 santa and elves
Christmas 3 Rudolph

These are special cards stand up to provide a lovely display. These cards fold down to fit into a standard sized envelope. There is a back panel to each card where you can write your special message.

Click on the photo to see the box card number for ordering
Each card is $10 plus postage and handling.

If you order a card, I will keep the same base colour although the shade may vary and combined with the designer papers, these can also vary depending on stock availability.

Cards for special occasions can be created for you. Let's talk about your requirements.

This range is regularly updated to add new designs and examples.